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Monday, March 17, 2008

March's Fave Fives!

It's that time of the month again. No... not that time of the month - it's time for my "fave five" where I bring you five of my most favorite things of the month - think a very low budget Oprah's favorite things.

5)I heard this water by Glacéau Vitamin Water was good but I shied away from it simply because my experience with other vitamin enhanced waters hadn't been so pleasant. To me they all tasted like sour water with only a hint of a flavor somewhere at the bottom of the bottle. But, when the store around the corner had these on sale, I decided to give them a shot. I was instantly impressed; not because each bottle contains Vitamin C, B3, B5, B6, B12, and E, but because even with all that, they still taste amazing! With interesting flavors like, Jackfruit-Guava and Acai-Blueberry-Pomegranate among many others, it tastes more like juice than water. I like 'em alot.

4) Socks are socks.. no? As long as they don't have holes in them, anything will do right? Well Maybe. But, if you're looking for apair of socks that will make your feet thank you, try these Calvin Klein socks. I snagged them from my girlfriend's sock drawer (aka, a shoebox in her closet since she has no space for a sock drawer in her actual dresser-can you say, 'too many clothes?') ,one particularly chilly night when my feet were FREEZING and as soon as I slipped them on I swear I heard my 'dogs' go, 'ahhh'. Not only were they indeed 'warm and toasty', they seemed to literally hug my feet and envelope them in comfort. Now I steal...ahem..borrow them from my girlfriend as soon as they come out of the dryer.

3)I first experimented with Windows Movie Maker back in November when I decided to make a home movie in honor of my girlfriend and I's second year anniversary. Even with my limited technology skills, it came out great and was super easy to create! Recently, I've been working on another movie project and I'm still pleasantly surprised at how user-friendly movie maker is. I first tried making my second movie on my girlfriend's Mac and found myself utterly lost for a good hour. That's when I came back to my trusty PC and had my movie up and running in no time. There are a ton of cool features that are visually pleasing without being overwhelming. Now that I'm getting good at it, maybe I'll start broadcasting a video blog one day or perhaps the cat and I will make some silly vids for YouTube :)
2)Does it get any better than Häagen-Dazs Icecream? Not really. Unless you're talking about their Sticky Toffee Pudding flavor.Move over Rocky Road, it's become my all-time favorite icecream ever- and that's saying a lot. It came about as the result of Häagen-Dazs 2006 'Scoop!' contest. The creator entered it as a tribute to the English dessert, 'Sticky Toffee Pudding' that she loved so much and she won! Not only is it a very unique flavor that you won't find anywhere but Häagen-Dazs, it's so smooth and creamy too. Häagen-Dazs describes the flavor as: rich vanilla ice cream swirled with sticky toffee sauce and morsels of moist brown sugar cake.

I describe it as: delicious .

I've been reading Relevant magazine for a couple years now but every month I still find myself glued to the pages again. For the young Christian in today's world -- actually, for any young person trying to find direction as they wade through all the junk of pop culture -- it's essential. It's not like other Christian literature,(in fact they seem to shy away from using the word Christian to describe the magazine), it's fresh, smart and ...well...relevant. It was actually handed to me at a party while I was in college - imagine that. A friend of mine had been reading it and was pretty impressed so she handed it to me and told me to glance at it. Common was on the cover of that issue so I was quite interested and gave it a little more than a glance later on that week. I subscribed soon after. Relevant's mission statement is: Covering God, Life and Progressive Culture , so you're just as likely to find an interview with say, Kanye as you are to find an interview with the hottest new preacher trying to change the world. There are album, book and movie/DVD reviews as well as inspirational stories and tips about how to live a better, more fulfilling life. Peek inside the latest issue featuring Chris Martin from Coldplay as well as Bono,Ben Harper,Matisyahu,Anne Lamott,Moby,Daft Punk, MIA and more.

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