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Friday, May 16, 2008


May you enjoy many more happy years together. 

Thursday, May 15, 2008

When White Men Get Angry (Bill O'Reilly Version)

We Win in California but with a long way to go!!

Calif. Supreme Court rejects gay marriage ban
MSNBC staff and news service reports

SAN FRANCISCO - The California Supreme Court has overturned a ban on gay marriage, paving the way for California to become the second state where gay and lesbian residents can marry.

The justices released the 4-3 decision Thursday, saying that domestic partnerships are not a good enough substitute for marriage in an opinion written by Chief Justice Ron George.

"Under these circumstances, we cannot find that retention of the traditional definition of marriage constitutes a compelling state interest," the court said in a majority decision.
"Accordingly, we conclude that to the extent the current California statutory provisions limit marriage to opposite-sex couples, these statutes are unconstitutional."

The cases were brought by the city of San Francisco, two dozen gay and lesbian couples, Equality California and another gay rights group in March 2004 after the court halted San Francisco's monthlong same-sex wedding march, which took place at Mayor Gavin Newsom's direction.

I found it!

What I was working on before I went AWOL...

some of life's most essential questions...

How come Ryan Cabrera now looks like this? What was that one song he had a minute ago?...oh yeah.. "on the way down..."

Doesn't T-Pain look closer to 40 than his real age of 23?

How come extremely baggy pants worn around the knees exposing boxers and butt-cracks are considered indecent but 'men's' extremely skinny jeans, exposing their *cough* bulges are okay? eww.

What was Sonny Purdue thinking when they passed that gun law in Georgia allowing any (crazy) person the right to take a gun into any restaurant, onto the MARTA train or into a public park? Have we still learned nothing from Columbine, Virginia Tech and all the rest??

Am I the only one that cringes and immediately changes the channel whenever an R.Kelly song comes on radio or the T.V. ? Pervvvvvvvv alert!

Was anyone but me surprised that Barbara Walters would happily join all the other celebrities who try to drum up controversy to sell a book? Thought she was above that for some reason.

Why is it so hard to find one old, sick and supposedly dying man?

Who's afraid of the big, bad wolf?

Idol in 60

Surprising no-one, Syesha went home last night leaving the 'two Davids' (Archuleta and Cook) to battle it out for the title next week. Who do I think should win...? Well, and this might surprise to those of you who've been keeping up with this blog, but I actually think it should be David Cook...but I want it to be David Archuleta - for more than the obvious reasons. Yes, Archuleta's talented, adorable and all. But I also think he'd fit in the best with the whole 'American Idol' theme. Lemme explain, I just can't see previous contestants like Blake Lewis, Chris Daughtry and now David Cook fitting into that clean-cut, America's sweetheart mold and I don't think they should have to try. I don't think it would work and they'd actually probably be a bit unhappy. Cook is an incredible talent who has grown throughout the competition and of course he'll get a contract from this, I just hope it'll be with someone other than the Idol folks. He'll need a label who'll allow him to be who he is ...completely. So, for that reason, Archuleta would be the best choice to take the title. 

On another note  I wish Syesha the absolute best. She was truly talented but was sorely underrated  - especially in the shadow of the two Davids. The girl worked her butt off  and really showed an incredible amount of growth. She also handled herself with so much class and dignity when she was placed in the bottom three everytime for weeks - not everyone could've handled that so well. Good luck Syesha I'm sure we'll see you on Broadway later on. 

If you missed any of Tuesday or last night's show and want a quick re-cap, here it is in 60 short seconds. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This is literally, like B.Scott would say, some "Monkey-Doodle Foolishness"!!

Does this Mmonkey look like Barack Obama??

The owner of Mulligan's bar in Marietta sure thinks so.

Mulligan's selling shirts with 'Curious George' picture

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 05/13/08

Marietta bar owner Mike Norman says the T-shirts he's peddling, featuring a look-a-like of cartoon chimp Curious George peeling a banana, with "Obama in '08" underneath, are not meant to offend.

Norman acknowledged the imagery's Jim Crow roots but said he sees nothing wrong with depicting a prominent African-American as a monkey,

We're not living in the (19)40's," he said. "Look at him . . . the hairline, the ears — he looks just like Curious George."

About a dozen prostestors rallied against the shirts Tuesday afternoon, condemning them as racist and asking Norman, longtime proprietor of Mulligan's Bar and Grill on Roswell Street, to stop selling them.

Marietta native Pam Lindley, 47, joined the protest after reading about the controversy online.

"I don't want people to think this is what Marietta is all about," she added, motioning towards the tavern. "This is what some people think the South is still like. Marietta's come a long way but I guess it's still got a little ways to go."

She said she'd like to see the city ban Norman's provocative musings regularly posted on a sign out front of the bar, which is near Marietta's downtown square. The loosely formed coalition of civil rights activists who gathered Tuesday say they will continue their campaign against Norman's "hate speech."

But his defenders are just as resolute. Mulligan's is a refuge, they say, in an otherwise hypersensitive world. Here, smoking isn't only allowed, it's expected.

"This place is a diamond in the rough," said Gene McKinley, a Woodstock engineer. "People here are genuine and honest. It's the one place I can go without having to worry if I'm offending someone."

Norman said he's been he's been fielding calls throughout the day about his T-shirts, which he began selling in late April. "One guy in New Jersey wanted me to send him 100 shirts," said Norman, 63.

He said he noted physical similarities between the Democratic frontrunner and the cartoon monkey while watching a Curious George movie with his grandchildren.

Someone — "probably a customer, I don't know" — from Arkansas sent him the shirts, Norman says. He has no plans to mass market them.

Not that's he's bowing to pressure. The Tennessee native figures he's providing a public service of sorts, reminding people they have a right to offend.

"This is my marketing tool," he said.

see the shirt here

It's Over :(

I'm so in denial about my romantic weekend being over that I'm in no mood to update. :(

However, I thought I'd leave you with an artist I'm feeling a lot right now. Tell me what you think.

Listen to : Duffy with 'Warwick Avenue'. It's more of that Amy Winehouse-esque sixties girl group-ish pop. I happen to like it a lot especially when the artist has an amazing voice like amy and now Duffy. She's a 23 year old Welsh girl who's giving us what Amy cannot at the moment being strung out on drugs and what not.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Friday Treat Comes Early

I'm leaving tomorrow for a romantic weekend with my lady. :)  It's a surprise so I've no idea where I'm headed but I'm so excited! But since I won't be around, I've decided to dish out the 'Friday treat' on Thursday.

This week's feature : The Lovely Rihanna...

Those legs? They're insured. That haircut? Legendary. The chances that serial hit-maker Rihanna will keep churning out gold-whether in music, fashion, or film-for some time to come? Spectacular. (Elle Magazine)

So I have a slight celeb-crush. Yeah, I know she's only 20 - but heck if Mariah and Nick Cannon can do 11 years, 6 years won't between RiRi and I shouldn't make me feel like a perv right? Plus, she's a fellow island girl who's making all of us from the Caribbean extremely proud. I admire her talent (she's had ten songs debut in the top ten of the billboard charts), her personality, her ability to keep her head up and her nose clean in the industry thus far and she seems to have her head on straight. I hope it continues.

Check out this behind the scenes video of her latest Elle magazine shoot due out next month.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Stand by Archuleta

I don't want to brag but .... I did pick the amazing David Archuleta out of the pack of idol wanna-bes wayyyyy back during the Hollywood audition days when he sang, Heaven by Bryan Adams.

His incredible voice stood out to me then and he's done nothing but impress me since. Last night was no exception. In fact, last night was probably my favorite performance so far. The theme was songs that had been inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame. Each contestant sang two of those songs but my favorite from David A. was Stand by Me by Ben E. King. 

All I can say is....this young man is blessed and I think he has a bright future ahead of him in the music business whether he wins or not. But we'll find out soon enough if he did. After tonight they'll be down to the final three! Go David A. !

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Rahsaan Patterson Comes Clean

I was watching BET Jazz the other night and came across a familiar face. It took me a moment to place it but then I it hit me, it was Rahsaan Patterson from one of my favorite childhood T.V. shows, Kids Incorporated - all grown up. I remember he was a cute kid with an amazing voice that outshone most of the other kids. Even then I could tell he had star quality and would go on to great things. 

But when the show that was responsible for launching the careers of Fergie, Mario Lopez, Shanice, Jennifer Love Hewitt and others wrapped and I never really heard much more about him, I just assumed Rahsaan had joined the ranks of those unfortunate child stars that never find work again. I never knew however that after the show he sang backup for stars like Brandy and Tevin Campbell and then went on to pursue his own career and put out an incredible four albums. Where was I? I had no idea until I saw his video, Feels Good the other night from his latest album Wine and Spirits. Good for him! He's doing his thing and seems to be enjoying life. Read his recent two page interview with BETJ where he discusses his sexual identity, struggling relationship with God, substance abuse and his 'inner demons'.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday Treats:"My White Girl"Crushes

I only have two. Jessica Biel and Scarlett Johannson. They're absolutely delicious and looking at them right next to each other, an obvious trend is apparent; just like in my sistas, my white girl crushes must have curves plus thick lips and something I can grab...Yum. See if you can tell who's my favorite :)

Jimi Hendrix Sex Tape?

What's with all the dead celebrity sex tapes being revealed? And why now? As if we don't have enough sex tapes from celebrities who haven't yet kicked the bucket? I mean are we really that short on porn featuring living, breathing people?
(P.S. - note the suggestive photo below. I dug it up myself and couldn't refuse .*wink*)LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Vivid Entertainment is releasing a sex tape allegedly starring Jimi Hendrix.The Los Angeles-based adult entertainment company said they obtained the footage of the music legend shot in a hotel room about 40 years ago from a memorabilia collector.
The footage features Hendrix engaging in various sexual acts with two women, according to a statement released by Vivid. The company said they consulted with several experts to authenticate the footage.Hendrix died of a drug overdose in 1970. Seattle-based representatives for Hendrix's estate did not want to comment about the tape.
Vivid Entertainment was also responsible for the release of celebrity sex tapes starring
Kim Kardashian and Pamela Anderson.