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Friday, February 8, 2008

Black People, Black People, Black People...we have got to do better.

I just got through with the most un-professional phone interview ever. Well, let me be fair, the sista was semi-professional when she was actually..... on the phone. She must have put me on hold a good twelve times during the course of a twenty-minute conversation! Okay maybe I'm exaggerating slightly but it really was too many times for an interview. Then she had the nerve to put me on hold - and I'm not exaggerating this time - a good ten minutes! If I didn't want the job so badly, I would've hung up because I don't even wait on the line longer than 45 seconds for my precious mother who carried me for nine months and then brought me into this cold, cruel world! I mean, I was beginning to fall asleep!
When she finally came back on the line she apologized and explained that there was an emergency she had to take care of and that was fine, I understood that but I'll be damned if she didnt put me on hold one time to say goodbye to her friend. She was like, "okay girlllllllllllllll, have a good weekend...see ya mondayyyyyyy". I never rolled my eyes so much in my entire life! While I was on hold I had a lot of time to think and I thought back to the message she left on my machine yesterday and I remembered not being able to hear her clearly because she was SNACKING!!? What the heck?

*note to self...breathe....woo-sah... woooooo-sahhhhhhhh... andddddd.... all better..

I hope this writing this entry won't jinx me...(excuse me while I knock on wood, throw some salt over my shoulder and rub my head and tummy at the same time) like I said I neeeeeeeed this job. So if you come across this entry sometime this weekend or early next week, please say a little prayer for me. I'll definitely be saying a little prayer for all you...

Enjoy this old school Aretha and have a splendid weekend.

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