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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Gavin's Back

Finally, Finally, Finally... my boy's Gavin Degraw's back poised to drop another hot album and not a moment too soon. Oh how I've missed him from the radio! Here it is a whole five years after Chariot was released and I still play it constantly because it is just soooooooo good - beginning to end which we all know is rare. Check out the widget at the bottom of the page to hear his new single 'In love with a Girl.' Annnnnnnnnnd best of all, if you'll be in Atlanta area later on this month, he'll be having a really intimate concert at the Roxy Theatre on February 27th to promote the new album and of course to hit us up with some of the old songs too. Get your tickets now.
I'm Soooo excited! Yay Gavin!

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