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Thursday, February 14, 2008

In Honor of Valentine's Day: Five things I'm LOVING at the moment.(Fave Fives)

I plan to make the 'top five things I'm loving right now' a regular (most likely monthly) feature of this blog and I thought, 'what better day to kick off the first count-down than Valentine's Day?' So.. here we go:

Number 5: Mario's 3 Album -GO!

Mario just may be one of the most underrated artists on the music scene right now. Ever since he was 15 the young man's been churning out hits that defy his age and set him far apart from the other young men in the industry. For one thing, Mario can sing - His vocals are no joke and are definitely not studio created or enhanced; he keeps his clothes on and when he was kid his lyrics reflected that by being age appropriate. Now that he can both legally drink and vote, his latest cd 'Go' pulls no punches and displays his grown man talent. Not only does he deliver stellar vocal performances on 'Go', he wrote and produced much of the album. He deals with some really personal aspects of his life on it too, including his mom's much publicized battle with addiction. I love this cd so much I've burned several copies for the house, car and it's downloaded on to my MP3 player . I have to say, I loved his second album Turning Point a little better but 'Go' comes in a close second and I'M LOVING IT.

Number 4: Noah's Arc on DVD

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. I know I'm way behind the eight ball with this one but I'm getting caught up as quickly as I can. I don't have LOGO (yet) so I wasn't introduced to Noah's Arc until recently after reading Darian's blog. It seemed interesting so I added it to my blockbuster queue. Season 1 came in the mail and my girlfriend and I settled in to watch the first episode.For me, it was just so-so at first. I thought the characters were a bit too sterotypical and one-demensional.But then, as we kept watching I began to change my mind. The story lines really started to draw me in and not only was I pleasantly surprised that I was wrong, I begun to really fall in love with Noah,Wade,Eddie,Ricky,Chance and the rest. Fancy me, a lesbian falling in love with a bunch of men :) Noooo, it wasn't that kind of party but now I'm definitely hooked. The second season is on it's way and I can't wait.Picture me waiting patiently by the mailbox.

Number 3: - Fresh to Order Restaurant

Whenever you can combine delicious and nutritious you have a happy customer in me. Fresh to order (F2O) is a wonderful and affordable new lunch and dinner spot. They specialize in their awesome salads served with a warm and sweet croissant, but also have panini's, pork,steak,tofu and mashed potatoes.The restaurant's atmosphere is worth the trip but if you don't feel like leaving the house, they deliver as well as offer take-out. My favorite salad so far is the Club with ale-laced chicken tenders,golden raisins,crispy bacon,avocadoes,crunchy almonds and tomatoes all resting on baby greens .Yum.

Number 2: The Griddler

I love to cook and if I do say so, I'm pretty darn good at it. But, anything that can make my life easier is welcomed at anytime. I love this machine. You can make pretty much anything on it. A friend of mine won a similiar device at an office party one year and the first time I tried it I was in love. I vowed I would get one so over the holidays my girlfriend and I did our research and discovered the Griddler which makes my friend's machine look like a toy.The features on this thing are incredible. I love being able to cook my eggs,pancakes and bacon all at once for breakfast,make panini's for lunch, and then grill up chicken and veggies for dinner all on one gorgeous machine that is so good looking I keep it displayed on the counter. I'm in love.

Number 1: Blogger, Internet Phenom and Supreme Diva, B.Scott

Love Muffins Get Into This: B.Scott is So Splendiferous! I was wayyyy behind the eight-ball on this young man. I discovered him about a month ago while browsing through YouTube on one particularly boring afternoon after a long day of job hunting. Something drew me to one of his videos, I pressed play and Take me Higher Lord, I've been pressing play ever since! I was hooked and immediately proceeded to turn everyone I talked to after that day into a Love Muffin as well. His website is my new guilty pleasure and I check it several times a day..I can't help but smile when I see he's created a new video and I sometimes watch them more than once. What can I say? He's B.Scottttttttttttt. If you don't recognize all the refrences I'm making then, trust me you're, like I was, living under a rock because B.Scott has not only taken over YouTube, he's poised to take over Hollywood very soon and the buzz about him just keeps growing. What is it about him exactly? Where do I begin? He's Hilarious. He's Spiritual and being a former tiny tot for Christ myself, I'm very attracted to that. He's intelligent, Charming, Honest,Consistent (he keeps that page poppin' several times a day) but most of all - and this is the main thing that distinguishes him from the pack of celebrity bloggers/personalities - he's Positive.

My girlfriend is a big Perez fan but I've never been able to really get into him; I find him to be rather cruel at times, most times in fact. I don't necessarily judge him for that though, afterall, being a jerk seems to be popular in today's society right now. It's just not my thing. That's why stumbling across B.Scott was such a breath of fresh air. He's still honest as can be but he's not spirit-crushing, demoralizing and just plain mean to the celebrities he dishes about on a daily basis. Even when there's seemingly nothing positive to say in a situation, you better believe B.Scott will find it, even if it's just "well, at least her shoes are cute." From a Faithful Love Muffin, thank you B.Scott for being unapologetically who you are, keep up the good work and I can't wait to see what the future holds for you.

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