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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My New L Word Crush?

Yeah, call me a stereotypical lesbian who's glued to the TV every Sunday night clinging to every second of the L Word - yup I'm guilty. But, I can't help it. It's not every day you see a show centered around beautiful, lesbian women that's well written, 'hot' and exciting. I love it. The only criticism I have is that, even though the cast is pretty diverse, I can't help but wish there were more african-american lesbians on there. But, for now, I take what I can get!

My girlfriend is of course in love with Shane (Kate Moennig). Who isn't right? Well, besides me - not really my type if you know what I mean.

I've always been a Bette (Jennifer Beals) fan. That whole 'vamp' hidden beneath a professional woman's exterior? So sexy.

Then Carmen (Sarah Shahi) came along and every scene she was in would cause me to break out into a cold sweat. She was way too gorgeous to be putting up with Shane's mess and I hoped they would have them break up. Be careful what you wish for right? Right after Shane ditched her at the altar, her character disappeared from the show - never to be seen again. I'm still devasted about that. She was delicious. Oh Well.

Recently, though, I've had a new L Word crush - not on a new character either- well not really. It's on Alice (Leisha Hailey). She's been a member of the cast since the very beginning but in my mind there's been something very new about her lately. I always thought of her as more of a 'homie' -- you know, the cool girl next door that you hang out with but never really get with? Then again, maybe girl next door is not the best description for me since my first crush/love and my first kiss (when I was ten) was with my 'girl next door' - literally. I could step off my driveway and into her yard..and I did... A LOT! Anyway, you get my point.

Uh-huh,Alice has really come into her own this season. Her quirky, no-nonsense personality is a turn on but more than that, is it just me or is she like ten times hotter on the whole lately? The last few episodes especially have had me doing double takes. Go Alice! I'm still a die-hard Bette fan but damn, Alice has got me on the look-out.

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