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Tuesday, March 11, 2008


My girlfriend and I were almost in tears last night when we heard the news: Showtime drama the L Word will not be renewed after next season. After five incredible seasons there will only be ten more episodes (there are still two left in this season) until we have to suck it up and say goodbye to these wonderful women that we've, in many ways, formed beautiful friendships with through the screen --not to mention a few crushes.

I can't believe this. I'm utterly confused and frankly a little pissed. On the one hand I realize that all good things must come to an end..yada,yada,yada and/or the show's creator and executive producer, Ilene Chaiken be trying to utilize the ole "leave on a good note" logic.But on the other hand, the show,for me, is only getting better and there are sooooo many more avenues to explore.

Oh well, I guess crying about it will do no good now I suppose. No. All we can do is enjoy the episodes we have left and hope this exceptional series will inspire more shows like it in the future. Another bright note : although the writers seemed determined to wrap the season up in eight episodes, they are welcoming viewer suggestions for storylines. They have a very good reputation for hearing fans out too as we've seen in many episodes. So all you L Word fans out there, let them know what you want to see happen with our girls!

Here are a few suggestions my girlfriend and I came up with last night:

  • She'd like to see Shane finally settle down -- preferably with Carmen -- so that would mean they'd have to bring Carmen back. But I think the chances of that may be slim since I heard Sarah Shahi (Carmen) didn't leave under the best circumstances -- aka, she either quit or was thrown out.

  • I don't care if Carmen and Shane get back together, I'd just like to see Carmen come back and have Shane grovel at her feet ..apologizing for cheating on her and then leaving her at the altar. Carmen was never given the chance to tell us how she felt after it all happened.

  • She'd like to see Bette and Tina together once and for all because let's face it, the back and forth is making us all dizzy.

  • I'd like to see a wedding on the show. It could be Bette and Tina, or Alice and Tasha or maybe something unexpected like Max and whats-his-name (Jodi's (Marlee Maitlin) translator).

So those are a few of our suggestions -- we have many more :) what can we say? we're die-hard L Word fans. I can't believe they're going away :(

Excuse me while I grab a hankie.

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QQ said...

This news was extra sad.. but hopefully Noah's Arc will come back after their movie comes out this year.. I need at least one gay show.

I def hope Bette and Tina do not get married.. Tina is my least fav on the show, but bringing Carmen back (who I last saw on NBC's "Life") would be GREAT!