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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Our Dying World...

Whenever, I think of the state of our world - the war, the famine, the poverty, the hopelessness, the crime, the pollution, the hate and all the injustice - I think of a few lines from the song, One Song by Tevin Campbell. He sings:
There's just one sun, that warms our day. The same moon and stars, light our way. This little ball, whirling in space; it's our only home, our only place.
I believe if we all thought of the world that way, as a little ball floating in a vast universe;all we have - then maybe we'd learn to love and value each other more and we'd learn to love and value our planet more as well.
Just imagine what tomorrow would bring, if we all sing, 'one song'. Happy Earth Day.

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