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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Idol in 60

Surprising no-one, Syesha went home last night leaving the 'two Davids' (Archuleta and Cook) to battle it out for the title next week. Who do I think should win...? Well, and this might surprise to those of you who've been keeping up with this blog, but I actually think it should be David Cook...but I want it to be David Archuleta - for more than the obvious reasons. Yes, Archuleta's talented, adorable and all. But I also think he'd fit in the best with the whole 'American Idol' theme. Lemme explain, I just can't see previous contestants like Blake Lewis, Chris Daughtry and now David Cook fitting into that clean-cut, America's sweetheart mold and I don't think they should have to try. I don't think it would work and they'd actually probably be a bit unhappy. Cook is an incredible talent who has grown throughout the competition and of course he'll get a contract from this, I just hope it'll be with someone other than the Idol folks. He'll need a label who'll allow him to be who he is ...completely. So, for that reason, Archuleta would be the best choice to take the title. 

On another note  I wish Syesha the absolute best. She was truly talented but was sorely underrated  - especially in the shadow of the two Davids. The girl worked her butt off  and really showed an incredible amount of growth. She also handled herself with so much class and dignity when she was placed in the bottom three everytime for weeks - not everyone could've handled that so well. Good luck Syesha I'm sure we'll see you on Broadway later on. 

If you missed any of Tuesday or last night's show and want a quick re-cap, here it is in 60 short seconds. 

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