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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I used to be really cool but now..I generally suck..

I have not updated either of my blogs in.....forever and a sunday. I know.I've just been so 'motivated not to be motivated' if that makes any sense. I've had so much on my mind and heart lately that instead of it all spilling out onto my blog...it's kinda just been stuck in the bottom of the bottle like the last drops of maple syrup. My intentions have been nothing but good. I've sat in front of my online journals and dared myself to blog, I've gone into the office upstairs pulled out my screenplay and dared myself to write..and ...nothing. How do I get out of this funk?


Anonymous said...

give of yourself to someone else it always works with me

LaChaBenn said...

girl i hope you are out of your funk. How is the dirty south anywayz?

Black Crystal Bra Straps said...

Hope you managed to get what you wanted!
Best wishes!