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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Deaths of Two Prominent Bahamian Men Still Unsolved.

Famed Bahamian Designer Harl Taylor was found brutally murdered in his home in Nassau on November 18th of last year. He was rumored to have been found naked in a crime scene dripping with blood after having been stabbed multiple times.Harl was a brilliant hand-bag designer who used 'home-grown' Bahamian products such as sea-shells and straw to produce beautiful and creative designs that caught the attention of buyers around the world including American celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Naomi Campbell.

One day before Taylor's body was found, Professor Thaddeus McDonald, Dean of social and educational studies at the College of the Bahamas was also found murdered. 'Dr.Mac' as he was known by his students, was bludgeoned to death with an electric clothing iron in his home. McDonald was a well loved and respected lecturer famous for his open-door policy with his students who could call on him at any time.

These two talented and prominent men were also rumored to have been homosexuals. I use the word 'rumored' because no one's ever openly gay in the Bahamas. There, as in many other Caribbean countries, being gay is practically a crime within itself so it's no surprise police have been slow to come up with any leads in their cases. These two men are not among the first to be killed after gay rumors circulated around them - another teacher, Barrie Best was also found stabbed in his home and police officer Sgt. Kevin Williams was found shot. There are still no leads in any of these crimes. Who knows how many more murders of gay men and women have been swept under the rug or conveniently forgotten? Unfortunately, I doubt these will be the last.
Rest In Peace gentlemen.

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thegayte-keeper said...

I wonder if these men are resting in peace?