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Friday, February 22, 2008

Goodbye Joanne! My heartfelt letter.

Dear Joanne,

I miss you already. You know I don't care about any of those other people ousted from 'Idol' last night but you...you just didn't deserve it. Let me be honest with you, since (in my mind) we know each other personally from way back - you remember, ever since we shared that heated glance while I was shopping at Ashley Stewart with the girlfriend and you were staring down all seductive-like from that poster above the jeans rack. I thought you were gorgeous. You had everything I find physically attractive in a woman: beautiful eyes, amazing dimples punctuating a radiant smile and the curves that could make a mere mortal lesbian weak. If, my gorgeous girlfriend weren't standing right beside me possessing all those qualities plus a bunch more....who knows, maybe we could've had something Joanne..maybe. But we're still good friends so I must tell you, your rendition of 'Say a little Prayer' did not make my knees buckle. I don't know if the nerves got ya, or maybe it was a touch of that flu going around that we heard so much about. It just wasn't your best performance.

But should you have been eliminated? No way! Especially not on the first night! Afterall ,you have more talent tucked inside of one of those cute, little dimples than most of those girls could ever have! You should've stuck around until the end. This is just so unfair. You know what Joanne, I blame myself. I should've supported you more. I should've called in to vote but we both know shoula, coulda, woulda's won't do either of us any good now. What we have to do next is move on. At least we still have each other right? What do you say we get together sometime soon, you know... to talk. Same place, same time? I'll meet you over at the Jeans rack.

your faithful friend,


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