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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Boys Night Review

Last night was boys night and the theme was 70's music (last week was 60's). How was it? Lemme say the word, 'underwhelmed' comes to mind for me. Yes, the performances were slightly better than last week at least, but then again that's not saying very much. These guys definitely need a course in 'song picking 101' because I just don't understand what's going through their minds.

Of course there are a few bright spots that made last night somewhat bareable.Here are my two favorites from the boys side:

How cute is he? Adorable!What is he like, 12? Aww.Cuteness aside though, the boy's voice is no joke. He can really sing! But more than that, his control is impeccable and his voice is so pure.Randy's right, he sings with a maturity that well surpasses his age. I'd be willing to bet that he listens to a lot of R&B music because if I'm not mistaken, I hear some soul emanating from his riffs and transitions. He is my clear favorite of the boys right now and even though I'm holding off on officially predicting my season 7 'winner' until we get down to the final twelve, don't be surprised if young master Archuleta's name shows up again very soon.

My girlfriend made a joke last night about there being ten 'David's' in the competition this year :)Well, she's close...there are actually three. David Hernandez is my second favorite one. From way back at the hollywood auditions, he and David Archuleta (above) have just stood out to me. They clearly have voices that are not only good enough to actually generate record sales in the future.. they seem to have that oh so important, 'it' factor about them that just grabs your attention and causes them to stand a part from the rest. Hernandez has some work to do especially if he wants to keep up with Archuleta and some of the better girls in the competition but he has shown on more than one occassion that he can take criticism and make the necessary improvements.He's definitely one to watch.

Okay, I didn't plan to do this but since we're on the subject of my favorites, let me throw in my least favorites:

Danny, I hate to do this to ya especially 'cuz I know you're a member of the family but I just have two words for you: 'Talent Deficient'.

I just have one word for you Jason: BORING!

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