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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How To: "Look Gay" (for Women)

Are they for real? I thought this was HILARIOUS.

From Wiki-How-To
Many lesbian and bisexual women find it hard to meet like-minded girls because looking "straight" puts them at a disadvantage. Potential suitors, unless they have an expertly honed "gaydar," which most of us don't, will in many cases assume that a girl is not into girls because she shows no outward signs of being gay and not approach her - no matter how attractive she is.
The first step is to remember not to change who you are or completely transform your look. You must be true to yourself to feel comfortable. Confidence is the single most important step you can take to make yourself attractive to anyone.

  • Hang out at places where lesbians like to go. Many bars and clubs have "girls nights" where you can meet other lesbians and observe fashion and personal styling tips. Just being there will make you appear gayer and will significantly increase your chances of meeting someone special.

  • Join a gay dating site. This way, there will be no question as to whether you're looking to meet a girl.

  • If you feel comfortable with the idea, cut your hair short. A short back and sides styled into a fauxhawk is sure to get you a lot of female attention.

  • Many lesbians prefer to have long hair - if this is the case, make sure it looks good, but not over-styled with accessories that are too feminine. Healthy and clean is the look you're going for here.

  • Keep your nails short and neat. Long nails, particularly false, can make girls appear straight - so avoid this look.

  • If you're comfortable with everyone knowing your sexuality, wear a t-shirt with a lesbian slogan or image. These are available from shops in gay districts and many adult shops. Failing this, a shirt featuring a band that appeals to lesbians eg the Indigo Girls, Betty, the Organ etc will help and is more tasteful.

  • Put a rainbow sticker on your car or laptop. These are available at adult shops and online. Tip - it's unfortunate, but true, that in this day and age homophobia still exists, so if you use a company vehicle or computer, be prepared to remove a rainbow sticker if asked to do so.
    Wear rainbow jewellery or have a rainbow keyring/laniard. If a lesbian is attracted to you, her instinct will tell her to look for clues that you're into girls - so an item like this, as small as it may be, will provide a huge advantage.

  • Wear pants rather than a dress or skirt to work. A collared shirt with a tie looks hot and definitely looks gay.

  • Wear flat shoes or boots. Avoid high heels. Steel-capped boots, Birkenstock sandals or Chuck Taylors are great.

  • Wear minimal makeup and keep your look casual. Nobody likes dirty or untidy women, so put some effort in, just keep it simple and funky, not dressy and glam.

  • If you wear glasses, strong-looking, dark frames are popular with lesbians. If they suit your face, these are a good choice.

  • Wear comfortable, cotton underwear with a masculine, wide elastic waistband. Do not put too much effort into exposing the waistband, it will show when you move and other lesbians will notice it.

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