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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hiatus Interrupted?

I'm back. Or so it seems. I call this entry 'hiatus interrupted' because I'm not sure if If I'm really back for good or if this is just a brief ''peek-a-boo, I see you!''. 

Where have I been? Well, I wish I could say I was off traipsing through Europe or that I was at home in the Bahamas enjoying the feeling of cool, pink sand squishing between my toes. Unfortunately, I can blame my sudden absence on a tropical excursion as much as Bush can blame his incompetence as a president on ... Mickey Mouse. The truth is, I've been preoccupied with life  - the highs, the lows  and the vast and undeniable middle. Lately, I've been more or less stuck between the lower portion of the middle and the higher portion of the low. Not a good place to be. Follow my analogy:
If 'high' is a toe-curling, skin tingling, hair straightening orgasm; and 'low' is a brutal series of violent kicks to the groin by a big, hairy trucker wearing steel-toed boots, then the 'middle' is like being constantly poked in the ribs by your tireless five year old cousin....over and over...and over...and over...and over...and over - it's annoyance, irritation and frustration comparable to Chinese Water Torture. Yes, the middle definitely has the ability to render a person certifiably insane. 

Money (more specificially the lack of it) grad school, immigration woes, student loans... et cetera.  Those issues sit on the very tip of the incredibly large iceberg of my worries -- just the tip! Of course I realize I shouldn't complain and that there are people all over the globe who'd literally kill for my issues. I try to remind myself of that fact and count my blessings as much as possible. Talk about easier said than done!

But, I'll live. Of that I'm certain. One thing I do know, thanks to my faith in God and the support of my incredible girlfriend, (neither of whom I deserve but thank goodness they love me anyway), 'trouble doesn't last always'. As cliche as that sounds, well, it's a morsel of hope worth holding on to - furthermore, it's usually true. 

A song that always lifts me up in times like these because of it's really inspirational lyrics and soothing melodies...'Bridge over Troubled Water' 

And with that, I'll adjourn; feeling better already.

Until Tomorrow..

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EvolvingContradiction7 said...

Thanks Good luck to you too! Job hunting is the worst and your analogy hits it right on. A year is a long time I hope there is some light that you are coming to soon at the end of your tunnel of job hunting...