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Friday, April 18, 2008

Ape Sex

My girlfriend is an interesting creature. She gets her news both from CNN and PerezHilton. Her favorite TV shows consist of both smart, medical shows as well as Hannah Montana. Her favorite reading material? - Harry Potter and TIME magazine! Eccentric. But I love her anyway. 

I've become a TIME lover now myself because of her but I usually don't get around to reading the articles until after she's done with them. So she's able to point me in the right direction of the most interesting and eyebrow-raising articles. The other day she turned me on to an article she said I just had to read in the latest issue. It was about Bonobo Apes .They're really fascinating creatures that make their homes in the wild of the Congo. 

What makes them so interesting is not just their incredibly peaceful nature - which is far more peaceful than any other species of Apes. Apes are known for beating their females, killing their infants and other forms of torture. What's really interesting about the Bonobos is not only are they incredibly peaceful, it's the way in which they resolve their conflicts. They have sex! Wild, passionate, sensual sex like only apes can (I assume)

I'm talking ....straight sex :

Gay/Lesbian Sex: (These are two Females) 
"Solo" Sex:
and even Bisexual and Group Sex:

Don't they look like they're plotting some exciting events for this young lady? If i were her I'd run as far away from these horny, little apes as possible.lol. Look at the one on top of her-he's just claimed that chick as his ''human biatch'' 

The article claims the Bonobos are most like humans in their looks and behavior. Check this chick out... 
Ape yoga maybe? :)

The truth is we could learn a lot from them. What would happen if we... not necessarily had sex with every person we were having a bit of an issue with - but what about at least showing that person a little bit of affection, some warmth, some understanding and yeah, some love. I bet we wouldn't be fighting so many meaningless wars right now. The world would definitely be a much better place. 

Further Reading: 
Short YouTube clip of them "getting it on"


WhozHe said...

Not a bad idea. Turn me down at the bar, intead of resentment I'll just have sex with you. Hey, I like this!

LaChaBenn said...

i don't know,but i think that lady is getting into the ape sex threesome thing