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Monday, April 21, 2008

Oh those clever,clever Japanese!

We all know how creative the Japanese are and now we can all further benefit by their ingenuity without leaving the country. The Japan Trend Shop is a website that allows the average person to order these 'anything-but-average' cool, new gadgets and inventions. There are hundreds of amazing items to choose from ranging in price from about $20 to about $5,000!  I just had to share some of my faves! 

Who wouldn't want this item right before a big date? Before going in for that goodnight kiss, it may be in your best interest to excuse yourself and check that breath with the Etiquette Checker.

Etiquette Checker - bad breath and alcohol test.

Wondering if your breath is as bad as you think it is? Don’t realize how bad it is because you’ve had a bit too much too drink?Now you can check BOTH the quality of your breath and how alcohol level with the Etiquette Checker from TopMan. Simply breath into the tester and get your results! Your breath is ranked good to bad from 1-6, and alcohol level in 0.5 increments.

Kiss your ordinary Piggy Bank goodbye! 

This is toooo cute. It's called the FaceBank for obvious reasons. Feed it a coin and watch it actually chew and swallow it, complete with sound and a moving mouth and eyes. I may just have to order one for my unborn niece so that as soon as she's born she'll be able to start saving her pennies. It comes in a variety of colors and uses three AAA batteries. 

Get ready to start your morning off with a bang! We've all wanted to throw the alarm clock against the wall at 6 am (some of us have actually given in to the urge).  It's a habit that could really ruin a clock...not to mention a wall. Not with the hand grenade alarm clock though. 
 It's designed to be thrown. In fact, throwing it is the only way to turn it off! Very Cool.

There are many,many more interesting gadgets on the site. Check it out. 

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