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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Friday Treat Comes Early

I'm leaving tomorrow for a romantic weekend with my lady. :)  It's a surprise so I've no idea where I'm headed but I'm so excited! But since I won't be around, I've decided to dish out the 'Friday treat' on Thursday.

This week's feature : The Lovely Rihanna...

Those legs? They're insured. That haircut? Legendary. The chances that serial hit-maker Rihanna will keep churning out gold-whether in music, fashion, or film-for some time to come? Spectacular. (Elle Magazine)

So I have a slight celeb-crush. Yeah, I know she's only 20 - but heck if Mariah and Nick Cannon can do 11 years, 6 years won't between RiRi and I shouldn't make me feel like a perv right? Plus, she's a fellow island girl who's making all of us from the Caribbean extremely proud. I admire her talent (she's had ten songs debut in the top ten of the billboard charts), her personality, her ability to keep her head up and her nose clean in the industry thus far and she seems to have her head on straight. I hope it continues.

Check out this behind the scenes video of her latest Elle magazine shoot due out next month.

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